3 Design Tips for Better-Converting Landing Page Templates

If you want a better conversion rate for your landing pages, these landing page template designs are worth consider

When a casual visitor enters your site, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression. If your design is unpleasant, or your landing page templates are hard to maneuver about, then the visitor will likely leave…and they may never come back.

In this scenario, you never captured the visitors’ attention. The potential relationship with a target audience member was never initiated.

To avoid this from happening, you need to carefully consider how your landing page templates are designed. A proper design will not only hold the attention of your target audience, it will persuade new visitors to converted into registered members, and potential customers.

Three tips for designing landing page templates

Landing Page Template Design Tip #1: Create comfort and trust – It’s important to make your target audience comfortable while building trust because it’s a necessary step in building relationships. When was the last time you bought from a company you didn’t trust and felt discomfort with? It doesn’t happen too often. Your landing page template is necessary in displaying what is valued by your audience, be it content over design or the great design for audiences that prefer aesthetics.

Landing Page Template Design Tip #2: Reach your audience’s mental model –Site design needs to meet the expectations of your target audience. Your credibility depends on having a landing page template that ‘speaks’ to your audience.

While designing your landing page template, consider who your audience is. Aspects of visual or audio content and interactive characteristics may be of value to your audience.

If you are having trouble deciding on landing page designs, you can take a look at competitors in your space to see what they are doing. You can also download a free copy of our Million Dollar Landing Page Templates white paper and receive two customizable landing page templates.

Landing Page Template Design Tip #3: Reinforce your sales letter – Design should never distract users from converting into a registered member or selling a product. The copy of your sales letter will ultimately help make the sale; so don’t bury it with the landing page template design.

For more tips on creating landing page templates that captivate audiences, download a copy of our free Million Dollar Landing Page Templates.


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