3 Reasons Why You’re Not Converting Visitors To Your Website

Without conversions, your online business will suffer… these three tips might help you fix the problem

A consistent stream of website traffic is great, as is engagement with audience members through social media.

Unfortunately, in many scenarios, traffic isn’t enough to keep online publishers functioning. Conversions need to take place in the form of direct sales or registered members.

Conversions that involve direct sales bring in money immediately, while corresponding with registered members will ideally yield future sales.

Is your website generating conversions? If not, these following tips might help you fix your website strategy to produce a website more apt to bring in revenue.

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Three ways to get more conversions through your website

#1: Do you have conversion architecture set up? Conversion architecture should be the first thing your address if your conversion numbers are low.

Do you have rapid conversion landing pages (RCLP), or similar pages, to house downloads of your most valuable free reports? Are these pages adequately optimized so your core audience members will find your content through search engines? Does every blog post on your site link to a relevant RCLP? If you did not answer, “yes” to all of these questions, you have to fix these issues first.

#2: Do you perform keyword research often enough? Keyword research helps bring assumptions about your audience’s search behaviors to your attention.

Every online publisher has ideas as to the topics your audience searches the most, but the exact keyword phrases may be surprising at times.

The post “5 Tools for SEO Keyword Research” supplies some great online-based tools to help you do more successful keyword research. Also be sure to check out this article from SEOmoz that discusses some common mistakes made during the process of keyword research.

#3: Are you telling your audience what their next step should be? If you want more conversions, you need to supply your audience with a clear and precise call-to-action. Tell them to download a free report, register for an upcoming live event or purchase one of your aligned products. Sometimes the lack of a call-to-action stops your audience from doing anything further with your brand.

There are plenty of other methods associated with more conversions and a higher conversion rate. List your preferred method in the comments section below.


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