3 Tips for Better Converting Landing Pages

Train your landing page templates to convert better with these helpful hints

Conversions help the world go round for online publishers.

Whether these conversions are casual visitors to registered members, or the conversion entails a direct sale, the process is the lifeblood for online publications.

Why is this the case? Well, it’s pretty obvious that sales bring in revenue… but it should not be overlooked that the conversion from casual visitor to registered member could become a fruitful relationship for both sides.

Converting a casual visitor by exchanging a free product for the visitor’s valid email address will yield an opportunity to communicate with the person through editorials, promos and week in review articles.

And don’t be fooled – email is still the most popular method for sharing content. It’s personal, fairly secure and has been around for years, which has helped build its credibility as a platform for sharing.

If you are looking for more conversions, you have to consider the way in which you landing page templates are designed. Beyond being SEO’d with your relevant keyword terms, how personal and engaging are they? Consider these three tips while designing, or upgrading, your landing page templates.

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Three tips for better-converting landing page templates

Landing page template tip #1: Testimonials – Next time you release a new free product, solicit testimonials from business partners or thought leaders within your industry. Then, provide these testimonials on your landing pages so that visitors can see them. Positive words about a free product can be powerful, and help a conversion take place.

Landing page template tip #2: Be consistent – Nothing can kill a possible conversion quicker than confusion, jargon or ignorance. Be consistent in your spelling, abbreviations, terminology, grammar and punctuation. This is especially important for companies trying to educate their audiences. You need to show your visitors your are truly a reputable source worth paying attention to.

Landing page template tip #3: The conversion process – The harder your conversion process is, the less likely people are to actually convert. Keep this in mind while designing or redesigning you conversion architecture. In many cases, and depending on your company’s business model, your visitor’s name, location and email address are the only necessary pieces of information you need. Keep it simple so you can get a conversion.

Are you using these simple tips on your landing page templates? Have they helped increase your conversions? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments section below.


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