3 Tips for Converting More Visitors with Your Website

Website landing page suggestions that will help you build a larger audience

When audience members arrive on your website, they have a few options. If they find your content relevant, they can check out other aligned articles. If they don’t find the information to be what they seek, they can bounce off your site. If they determine your content is top-notch, they may decide to receive updates with email newsletters.

We all want the type of aligned users who desire a relationship with us via email. Of course, these relationships cannot begin without proper website architecture and the right content in place. Take a look at these three tips for help in gaining more conversions from your website.

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Tip #1 for converting more visitors: Offer free products – Visitors won’t just give you their email addresses – you have to earn it. You can do this by offering free content in exchange for a valid email address.

Tip #2 for converting more visitors: Text ads – Include a text ad on every article page to promote the aligned free product. Hyperlink the text ad so users can go directly to the download page.

Tip #3 for converting more visitors: Hyperlinks – Hyperlink keyword phrases that align with the free report. Content seekers may want to know more about the specific keyword phrase, and the hyperlink will send them directly to the raid conversion landing page of the free report.

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