4 User Tasks for Website Homepage Design

Successful website homepage design allows visitors to achieve their goals

Is your website properly designed to meet the expectations of your visitors? Often times websites encourage visitors to take an additional step, be it a request for more information, a visit to a different web page found at the website, or the step of making a purchase.

While studying Mequoda Website Models, we have come across five commonly used tasks that users engage in. These common tasks make up for 80 percent of user activity at the sites we looked at.

Paying attention to these tasks will help you serve your users better. If a vast majority of users are engaging in the same tasks online, then wouldn’t it make sense to cater directly to those tasks? It will help you reach you community better and create stronger ties between your users and your website. A website that users can easily use is typically a website that will continue to receive traffic from these users.

Additionally, in modern times when social networking sites are as popular as they are, it is very easy to receive external promotion from your audience if they respect your website and find it easily accessible.

With the amount of traffic on the Internet today, it’s important to become accessible to users. If this isn’t achieved, there’s a good chance that your audience will find a similar website to visit and give their business to.

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User Tasks for website homepage design

User Task for Website Homepage Design #1 – More Detail. If your site is content based, many users will be looking for additional detail on a news headline.

User Task for Website Homepage Design #2 – Complete a Purchase. For ecommerce sites, users will be expecting to make purchases safely, and easily.

User Task for Website Homepage Design #3 – Searching and browsing. If you have a robust website, users will want to be able to find the content they seek as easy as possible.

User Task for Website Homepage Design #4 – Customer Service Tasks. On retail websites that involve the shipping of actual products, users seek the ability to take care of customer service tasks.

Use this information to create better experiences for your users.


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