5 Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates

The main point of online advertisements is to gain conversions.

Landing pages need prominent conversion architecture to successful convert casual visitors into email subscribers.

Successful conversion architecture is clearly labeled, above the fold and simplistic in nature. Whether the website is selling a product or offering a free signup for an email newsletter or a complimentary download, the positioning and language of the landing page’s conversion architecture needs to be the main focus.

Let’s take a look at how conversion rates can be increased by sending viewers to landing pages with conversion architecture already in proper, functioning order.

Ways to increase conversion rates

#1 – Cross-browser compatibility: How well do you know your audience? Do you know them well enough to predict which browsers they are using to access your website?

If you have an analytics program you can see the percentage of visitors using each browser. This may have not been an issue years ago, but with an array of website browsers, it is important to know which ones are being used by your audience.

After deciphering this information, make sure your website renders correctly on all of the major web browsers your audience uses the most. If 12% of your total potential audience uses Firefox, and your website doesn’t render correctly on that browser, you may be missing out on community members and additional revenue.

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#2 – Testimonials: Reputation is important in all aspects of life. If you are a reputable company and you have clients that say nothing but good things about you (and hopefully that’s the case for everyone reading this), then you should display those testimonials. Put testimonials on the left or right nav on the landing page so they can be seen easily. Adding testimonials to our free download Rapid Conversion Landing Pages led to an increase in conversion rate over 30 percent.

#3 – Navigation: Make the navigation on your landing pages simple. If a navigation is complicated, it may give visitors too many options and lead them away from the landing page before they can convert.

#4 – Long copy adjustments: Online publishers often choose long copy sales letters over shorter options. These landing pages are designed to drive the main message home. If your text ads are pointing to these types of landing pages, make sure to include your conversion architecture with a call-to-action above the fold and further down the page in multiple locations. As visitors read further down the page, they may become more apt to convert.

#5 – Coupons: If you can, include coupons into your landing pages, or express to visitors that they will receive coupons for converting. Coupons increase customer satisfaction and on average sales go up when coupons are present. Also, if using coupons, always include the larger number on the coupon. For instance, 25% over $15, if those numbers were the same overall value.

Are there any strategies you’re using to increase conversion rates? Please share your tips with the community.


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