6 Great Looking Landing Pages & Why They Work

Landing page optimization tips that can work for both B2B and B2C publishers

Would a name-squeeze page work as well if it went by any other name? Yes it would, and that’s why we call it a Rapid Conversion Landing Page, or RCLP for short. Some people call it an email capture page as well. All jargon aside, the point of this page is to collect an email address by offering away a free product.

The more value these landing page create—and deliver—the more effective they are at growing the database. A Rapid Conversion Landing Page can be long or relatively short. It can tell an entertaining story, as does the RCLP for the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law (link below).

Or it can be very direct, with a simple, seductive offer, such as the RCLP for Knitting Daily (link below) that offers six free downloadable sock patterns.

The RCLP strategy works equally well for B2B and B2C websites, and for large publications as well as small publications. That’s because of the power of the word “free” and the value of reliable information in a report with an irresistible title.

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The following are links to some Mequoda Best Practice Rapid Conversion Landing Pages.

Full disclosure: Some of these RCLPs are offered on the websites of Mequoda Consulting Services clients. Which should explain why they’re just so darn good at this!

  1. Baby Knitting Patterns from Knitting Daily
  2. The Case for Corporate Wellness Programs from Corporate Wellness Advisor
  3. 11 Strategies for Managing Your Online Courses from Faculty Focus
  4. Team-Building Strategies: Building a Winning Team for Your Organization from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law
  5. Computer-Aided Detection in Mammography: Five Key Breast Imaging Questions and Answers from Radiology Daily
  6. Canadian Stock Market Basics: How to Trade Stocks and Make Good Investments in Canada from TSI Network

What makes these landing pages great? First off, we’re results based, so I can tell you that all of these landing pages have done their publishers well. You’ll also notice a similar formula to all of them.

  • There’s a product image
  • The offer is free and collects minimal amount of personal information
  • The landing page is long and keyword rich
  • The copy consistently reflects the targeted keywords and title
  • The first email capture tends to be above the fold

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