A professional association of martial arts teachers boasts a subscription website that helps its members succeed in all aspects of running their schools

John Graden

John Graden

John Graden is the epitome of a successful martial artist and businessman. He is an author, athlete, publisher and pioneering martial arts visionary and widely acknowledged as the most important martial arts leader to emerge in the past decade.

MartialArtsTeachers.com offers a massive library of articles, information, reports, videos, audios, ads, newsletters, forms, letters and networking for instructors worldwide.

A former member of many world champion U.S. kickboxing teams, Mr. Graden’s two top selling books, Black Belt Management and How To Open and Operate A Successful Martial Arts School, are considered essential references for martial arts school owners.

In 1994, Mr. Graden founded the National Association of Professional Martial Artists and in 1997 he created the American Council on Martial Arts. His focus now is on his Martial Arts Teachers’ Association.

The online headquarters of MATA is at MartialArtsTeachers.com and offers a massive library of articles, information, reports, videos, audios, ads, newsletters, forms, letters and networking to martial arts instructors worldwide:

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  • Ready to use downloadable templates including forms, spreadsheets, manuals, checklists and more
  • Employee and student handbooks
  • Audio programs with martial arts school experts
  • Video drills, lessons, school tours, lectures, conferences all streaming on your screen
  • Hundreds of articles, reports, examples and samples covering all aspects of running a great class or school
  • Business and marketing plans
  • Testing processes and information
  • Special events promotions and management
  • Drills for all styles, ranks, and ages
  • How-to articles and special reports
  • Multimedia, knowledge-building online seminars
  • Interviews with highly successful independent operators
  • Private, members-only discussion forums where your individual, specific questions can be answered
  • Live teleseminars with industry experts on a variety of timely topics

Subscription pricing model

The MartialArtsTeachers.com pricing model reflects Mr. Graden’s business savvy. It reverses the risk for potential members with a three-day introductory subscription for only $1.

The introductory offer automatically converts to a recurring $24.95 monthly subscription unless you cancel.

Mequoda comment

MartialArtsTeachers.com is an excellent business model for any online publisher who has a body of knowledge that can be organized into ongoing instruction for other business owners.

Mr. Graden is expected to tell us more about his experiences as a membership website owner at the 2005 Mequoda Information Products Development Seminar.

Details about MartialArtsTeachers.com are at www.MartialArtsTeachers.com.


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