A Textbook Lesson in How to Create Interest in a Product

A bulletin list of “secrets” that your product or service promise to reveal can sometimes be the strongest element of your online sales letter. In fact, the words copywriters most often use are practically a textbook lesson in how to create interest in a product. For example:

  • “The little known method…”
  • “The very first step you must take…”
  • “How you can start…”
  • “Exactly how to quickly and easily determine…”
  • “The surprising facts about…”
  • “The truth about how…”
  • “The critical information about what…”
  • “Why you don’t even need to worry about…”
  • “The nuts and bolts of how…”
  • “Advice about the real…”

These are the kind of bullets experienced copywriters have used for years to rope in customers with the promise of revealing “insider secrets.”

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