Analytics Means Action: A Love-Hate Story of Data Dumped

Below are a few articles about analytics from Search Engine Journal (SEJ):

3 Reasons to Update to the New Google Analytics Snippet

Though the Google Analytics asynchronous tracking code isn’t technically all that “new” (considering its initial release date of 3/22/2010), plenty of webmasters whose websites were operating before this launch date never made the extra effort to switch from the ga.js version to the asynchronous code.

In fact, these webmasters are missing out when it comes to some of the perks provided by this new tracking code!

But before we get into these benefits, let’s cover a little background on what the Google Analytics asynchronous tracking code is and how it’s different from its Javascript predecessor…

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Google Analytics Adds Split Testing Feature, Google Website Optimizer To Be Discontinued

Google recently announced the launch of Content Experiments, a split-testing feature within Google Analytics. This tool is replacing Google Website Optimizer, which will be sunset on August 1. What does this mean for marketers? How do the tools compare?


Google Analytics Content Experiments vs. Google Website Optimizer:

The two tools use somewhat similar interfaces and share some features, but there are several significant differences between Content Experiments and Website Optimizer

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How to Identify Search Engine Penalties

If you’ve ever opened your website analytics account and found a significant and surprising drop in search engine referral traffic, you know just how devastating a search engine penalty can be.

But don’t panic!  Not all search engine penalties are permanent, and with a little detective work and remedial action, you should be able to restore your previous rankings and rebuild the flow of organic traffic to your site.

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