Audio Podcast on Landing Page Templates Released

Discover seven landing page templates and landing page lingo in this new audio podcast

Download a free digital copy of our Landing Page Templates: Seven Landing Page Templates and the Language Used on Them audio podcast now.

Landing pages are a favorite topic of ours. We have researched different types and discovered how to create the most beneficial landing pages for online publishers.

When we say ‘most beneficial’ we are referring to landing pages that convert casual visitors into registered members with ease.

Within our Landing Page Templates free audio podcast, you will discover seven landing page templates that successful online publishers use because they realize the importance of these landing pages. Nowadays, with search activity being more popular than ever before, each and every webpage that makes up a website is a landing page.  All of these pages are doors to content; and most importantly, avenues to generate conversions and build a bigger email marketing list.

And who wouldn’t want to convert every possible visitor? A large list means a stronger community, and a consistent chance to sell products or services to audience members that are into the topics we as online publishers cover.

The seven landing page templates found in our Landing Page Templates audio podcast include:

-The Home Landing Page

-The Keyword Index Landing Page

-The Tag Landing Page

-The Topic Landing Page

-The Marketplace Landing Page

-The Rapid Conversion Landing Page

-The Article Landing Page

The landing page lingo that is reviewed during this audio podcast as well includes: OFIEs, OFINs, Floaters, Display Ads, Text Ads and Text Links.

Our Landing Page Templates: Seven Landing Page Templates and the Language Used on Them audio podcast is a great refresher for online publishers looking for the best ways of converting casual visitors. The podcast is also great for anyone that is looking to build more successful landing pages.

For additional information on landing page templates, please feel free to download our free white paper entitled 12 Master Landing Page Templates. Much of this content is discussed in our free audio podcast, so the white paper will serve as an additional learning aid.

Finally, if you know a friend, family member or professional colleague that would benefit from either our Landing Page Templates audio podcast or our 12 Master Landing Page Templates complimentary white paper, please feel free to forward this email on.


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