Awards Finalists Can Get Your Juices Flowing

Awards Finalists Start the Creative Juices Flowing

The finalists for min’s Editorial and Design Awards were announced today, and it provides a good chance to look at some of the best in categories that are close to our mission. Winners will be saluted on Nov. 8, 2010, from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. at the Grand Hyatt in New York City.

1. Under Blogs, IDG Enterprise – Enterprise Software Unplugged earns finalist billing. Just looking at yesterday’s entry shows that this is a very entertaining and informational blog. Thomas Wailgum is at Oracle’s annual mega-conference and reports on some of the most popular tech terms making the rounds. “Optimize. Good Lord, if I have to hear one more ‘optimize’ utterance, I might take a run at that America’s Cup trophy [being kept there] and let those two serious-looking security dudes beat the crap out of me.”
“#keynotetorture. Yikes! Whatever HP paid for one of the top presentation spots was way too much money. The two Sunday night HP keynotes produced this Twitter hashtag and trending topic #keynotetorture. And that’s not a good thing.”

2. Under Digital Magazine Edition, VIV Magazine – March/April 2010 earns a nod. Check out this very smooth digital edition. We’ll have more on digital magazines in an upcoming SIPAlert Daily.

3. Here is one of the nominations for Feature Article: Computerworld – Your Next Laptop: Concept Designs Point the Way by Brian Nadel. “Get ready for a revolution in notebook design, including laptops with multiple screens or slide-out keyboards as well as computers that can be folded into different shapes or even rolled up when not in use,” Nadel writes. “How about a laptop that can be charged without being plugged in?”

4. In the How-To/Instructional category, this article from Entrepreneur—What to Do When the Bank Pulls Your Line of Credit—looks like a worthy finalist. After leading with an example, author Julie Bennett writes: “Millions of small-business owners are suffering through the same predicament–and worse–as unprecedented numbers of banks pull back or cancel credit lines. In the first six months of last year, 38 percent of small businesses reported a decrease in their lines of credit or credit card limits, according to the National Small Business Association. More than 40 percent of small-business owners who had requested extensions of their credit lines were turned down, the National Federation of Independent Business reported, and many of those who received extensions were required to increase collateral, pay higher interest rates and/or agree to more stringent terms.”

5. In the Profile category, here’s an awards finalist article from Organic Gardening about The Omnivore’s Dilemma author Michael Pollan. Author Therese Ciesinski writes a beautiful lead. See how she puts you right into the garden with Pollan.

6. Here’s a category we should look at: Repackaging of Archived Content. Shape does a great job with an article about bike commuting. With Simple Rules That Make Cycling Easier and Find the Right Bike for You, it’s a very practical presentation.

7. Another good example in the Repackaging category comes from Dwell. Easy Being Green: Off the Grid finds favorites from the Archives and makes it into a nice package.

8. An interesting category is Single Magazine Issue (b2b). Smart Enterprise is a finalist with this issue on Cloud Computing.  Again, it’s worth it just to to see another digital magazine.

9. Special Section/Microsite is another category. Radio Free Asia put together a great microsite on Traveling Down the Mekong.
That’s my favorite for a winner.

10. And finally, is also one of the finalists for Website Design. Check out how they urge you to take their survey. (If you get a couple minutes, please take ours.)

Kudos to min for taking the time to sort through so many entries and giving us these great finalists.


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