Better WP Security Plugin Review

You buy a home, you fill it with nice things. To secure your home, you add locks to the doors, sensors to the windows and all kinds of other security systems.

Isn’t your website kind of like a home? You fill it will valuable content. You build your site’s readership. In time it becomes a web property.

You’ve spent all this time building your web property, but it’s possible that you’ve forgotten that there are several ways to secure the content that you produce.

Enter Better WP Security, a WordPress plugin that works so well that it locked me out of my own site last week! No joke, completely banned myself from logging into my site.

After a half hour of scrambling around I realized I had installed Better WP Security a week earlier. I had forgotten my login and password one too many times and Better WP Security kicked into action blocking my IP. I was thoroughly impressed. But why?


Like any good security system, Better WP Security was silently working in the background making sure my WordPress site was safe and sound. Luckily, after a few minutes I was able to log back into my site. The time for which a user can be locked out can be set within the preferences of the plugin.

Better WP Security Plugin

Better WP Security Dashboard

Here are just a quick list of security options.

  • Limit Admin Access to certain IP addresses
  • Remove login error messages
  • Turn off the ability to login to your site, known as away mode.
  • Display random version numbers for installations to thwart hackers from using a version exploit.
  • Detect attacks on your site.

Security is an overlooked area for a lot of websites. It really doesn’t  matter which security plugin you’re running as long as you have something. After all, you wouldn’t have a house without locks on its doors would you?



    What a rubbish Martin.

    If you’re not able to type your password correctly you better say bye to trying to maintain a website.

    Chris’ plugin works great. It’s the human error, stupid!

    Martin C.

    Same here. It just happened to me.

    Chris Wiegan – sorry, friend, but this plugin sucks. A security feature that locks people out of their own websites!

    And then they have to spend days working out how to get things back to normal.

    No offence, but if you can’t sort of this out, why is the plugin still available?

    Try to get things right before you put them out there.

    Chris W.

    Thanks for reviewing my Better WP Security plugin! Sorry to hear you locked yourself out….

    …Gigunsa, I know this is late but default is 15 minutes.


    Same here. Any word on how long I have to wait to get in??? I can’t remember what the default settings are and I clicked them all. Stupid me…


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