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How Premium Magazines Thrive With The Haven CXMS

If your goal is generate paid subscriptions and revenue for a premium magazine business with a robust subscription website, keep following along.

In today’s Strategy Spotlight, Don Nicholas, Chairman & CEO of Mequoda explains how other publishers have used Haven CXMS to do just that.

Mequoda Systems empowers multiplatform publishers to grow audience, revenue, and profits by integrating web, email, and fulfillment systems into a seamless Customer Experience Management System (CXMS). Mequoda clients routinely double, even triple, their profits in five years or less by using our proprietary software platform, Haven CXMS™—the only customer experience management system created by publishers and for publishers…custom CMS development at a fraction of the normal cost.

Our most popular Haven CXMS business model that we build for publishers is designed to take consumer magazine publishers boldly forward with a multiplatform 21st-century strategy. In addition to our unique and revolutionary HTML web-magazine edition and support for tablet-based magazine editions, these systems often include Haven’s Directory, Calendar, and Classifieds modules that serve your audience and can also be revenue-generators.

And Haven CXMS features all the functionality of our signature website portal that can be leveraged for both premium-subscription development and third-party sponsorships using native, scarcity, exclusivity, and alignment sponsorship programs.

Haven CXMS is also fully compatible with many state-of-the-art subscription fulfillment systems such as Strategic Fulfillment Group, CDS Global, and Palm Coast Data. Our cutting-edge, multiplatform contrast-pricing program, coupled with our Six Sigma direct-marketing program, allows you to dramatically increase your subscription unit sales and average price per subscriber, boosting overall revenue and profits. This Haven CXMS deployment maintains the strong traditions of a dual-revenue strategy, powered by subscriptions and sponsorships and with new revenue streams that can include an online shop for stand-alone products, an event marketing system, and multi-product consumer clubs or memberships.

To see an example of this business model on the Haven CXMS, visit New England Network, built for Yankee Publishing to promote their venerable and popular regional magazine named Yankee. Like all of these types of systems, Yankee’s website is built to attract, convert, engage, and monetize visitors that results in growing the list of paid magazine subscribers. Other systems using this Haven CXMS business model are Countryside NetworkI Like CrochetI Like KnittingBiblical Archaeology Society and Ceramic Arts Network. It’s worth noting that since launch, all of these systems have seen positive growth, and three were Rocket Award winners this last for extreme growth over the prior 12 months.

If you think you need custom CMS development for your subscription business, think again! We’ve already done it for you—and for dozens of other multiplatform publishers. And forget about hiring an agency to start from scratch—we’ll save you 80% of what you’d otherwise spend for a custom solution, because we already have custom CMS development that’s specifically designed for subscription website publishers and that can be specialized for your needs, your products, and your brand. If you want to learn how we can help you do that, let’s chat.

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