How Free and Controlled-Circulation Magazines Are Using Haven CXMS

If your goal is to generate subscriptions and advertiser and sponsorship revenue from a free or controlled-circulation magazine with a robust subscription and advertising website, the Mequoda Haven CXMS can do it, and has done it for many other publishers like you.

In today’s Strategy Spotlight, Don Nicholas, Chairman & CEO of Mequoda explains how other publishers like LPM Media Group, publisher of Loss Prevention Magazine,  have leveraged the Haven CXMS to grow their multiplatform publishing business.

nl-donQuick Strategy Tip of the Day from Don

Mequoda Systems empowers free and controlled-circulation magazine publishers to grow their audience, revenue, and profits by integrating web, email, and fulfillment systems into a seamless Customer Experience Management System (CXMS). Mequoda clients routinely double, even triple, their profits in five years or less by using our proprietary software platform, Haven CXMS™—the only customer experience management system created by publishers and for publishers.

If you publish controlled-circulation magazines and are looking to move into a fully integrated multiplatform digital sales strategy, our Haven CXMS is right for you—with all the standard system features plus state-of-the-art HTML web-magazine functionality to serve one or many magazine titles you might have. Market research demonstrates that users prefer web magazines over their application counterparts, based on the fully responsive nature of a web magazine.

Our Haven Gate Publications Manager delivers your online magazine with all the attributes users expect, including a dynamic table of contents, easy navigation from article to article, plus a complete cross-referenced back-issue archive that allows users to browse for content by topic instead of issue. Mequoda clients routinely use their web magazines to anchor native advertising programs that offer sponsors a fully integrated, state-of-the-art content-marketing program. Selling to sponsors has never been so easy when you deliver a value-rich native-advertising program using your Haven CXMS.

A shining example of a Haven CXMS deployment with this functionality is Loss Prevention Media, delivering a free magazine in print and through a responsive HTML web edition—all made possible with their Haven CXMS. Loss Prevention’s wide multiplatform distribution is a major asset to sponsors who provide advertising revenue. Additional revenue is generated by producing sponsored content for select partners as part of Loss Prevention Media’s LPMVoice product.

LPM launched their Mequoda System back in November 2015, and have seen an incredible 51% increase in organic traffic in the last 12 months.

If you think you need custom CMS development for your subscription business, think again!

We’ve already done it for you—and for dozens of other multiplatform publishers. And forget about hiring an agency to start from scratch—we’ll save you 80% of what you’d otherwise spend for a custom solution, because we already have custom CMS development that’s specifically designed for subscription website publishers and that can be specialized for your needs, your products, and your brand. If you want to learn how we can help you do that, let’s chat.


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