Business Plan Development Aided by Proxy Metric Modeling

Tomorrow’s webinar will discuss proxy metric modeling – a short form of modeling that allows you to find a handful of key metrics. These key metrics define how the business operates.

A proxy metric serves as a placeholder for much more in depth analysis. A full online publishing model would be in Excel, updated monthly, be 72 columns wide, and 500-600 rows deep. It would look at every source of business, every traffic source, etc.

In actual reporting, having all the data is relevant. But for your business plan, the proxy metric modeling will allow you to provide an accurate model for a five-year business plan.

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One of the proxy metrics that will be shown during our Business Plan Development webinar is revenue per thousand. Instead of modeling based on products or prices, our business plan template models by volume and yield.

Proxy metrics give you a relevant way to forecast the future, and communicate this to potential investors. It’s efficient design fits well into the business plan template – which we’ll be sharing tomorrow during our Business Plan Development webinar. Register now to attend the program, ask any questions you have, and take a look at a business plan template responsible for millions in revenue generation.


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