Creating sales letter landing pages that do double and triple duty

The same high quality copywriting and design elements can be used for online, email and postal mail sales pitches.

Multiplatform publishing in the 21st century means offering users many products on many platforms, and using the Internet to recycle, reuse and republish information in many different formats.

This involves taking the same information and turning it into any format a user could possibly want—from e-books to streaming video to email newsletters. Publishers not only save on material costs, but the same information is being cheaply repackaged and sold in a multitude of formats to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue.

For smart publishers, recycling isn’t only about editorial content.

With only minor changes, many sales letter landing pages can do double or triple duty as email sales letters and postal direct mail letters. Experienced publishers tell Mequoda that when tested back and forth, a winner is a winner is a winner.

The home page for doubles as a salesletter. It is targeted at the opportunity seekers market, i.e., people who want to be self-employed.

AWAI sells career training in copywriting, including several fairly expensive ($500+) instructional programs for nascent professional wordsmiths.

Visitors to the site are also presented with an OFIN (order from in navigation) that offers a free special report, “The Art Of Persuasion: How To Get What You Want Through The Power of The Word.” So if they don’t spend $500+ in one step, AWAI attempts to capture their email address for use in future marketing campaigns.

In yet another effort to make an initial sale and build its database of customers, AWAI also sells several digital, downloadable reports from this page.

These expertly crafted sales letters—what else would you expect from a copywriting instruction business—are reused in postal mail and email sales campaigns with only slight variations.


Johns Hopkins University Health Publishing routinely brings its extensive experience at postal direct mail marketing to its online sales letters.

The company publishes numerous white papers, newsletters and books, using sales letter landing pages like this one. The same high quality copywriting is employed for online, email and postal mail sales pitches.

New for 2007, customers can either receive the white papers the traditional way via postal mail, or opt to download them instantly as PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) files.

In this example, very experienced direct marketers The Motley Fool, use virtually the same sales letter landing page online that they push out via email. Note the clean, crisp graphics, use of white space, and the OFIN above the fold.

All the best elements of salesmanship in print are employed here, including intriguing headlines; lively sales copy; customer testimonials; a compelling, risk-free offer; free bonuses; clean graphics; and a simple, clear, OFIE and order flow.


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