Custom Programming Offered for Unique Online Businesses

Combine best practices with unique ideas to get to market quicker

Although all Mequoda Systems operate under the four open content standards (Content-driven, Google-friendly, Subscriber-centric, Multi-platform), each publisher is different. We understand this, embrace it, and provide custom programming to meet the needs of each Mequoda Gold Member client.

Even while utilizing the advantages of Framework1, which helps our architects develop comprehensive systems in a fraction of the standard amount of time, it’s expected that some level of custom programming is required by Mequoda System publishers.

This process of custom programming helps publishers reach their unique goals of delivering content to eager audiences.

Mequoda System publishers that work with our development team arrive at the most cost effective development solutions. Working with our team also allows you to maintain your site for the least amount of money possible.

If you are looking to launch or relaunch an online business and you want to get to market quickly while maintaining cost efficiency, contact Kim Mateus via email or phone (401) 293-0401 for information on our development and custom programming options.

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