Dedicated Landing Page Templates

The sole purpose of a dedicated landing page is to get that order

Dedicated landing pages are designed to receive targeted website traffic and convert users into buyers or subscribers. They may attract organic traffic, but are dedicated to converting traffic, regardless of the source.

Generally traffic arrives at dedicated landing pages via links from sources the publisher controls, such as PPC (pay-per-click), affiliate advertising, or paid advertising.

To date, the Mequoda research team has identified six unique variations on the dedicated and hybrid landing pages:

Rapid Conversion Landing Page – used to entice a user to enter into a low-risk transaction. This type of landing page is used when there is no cost to the user (a free offer) or when payment is delayed and includes options (a bill-me later offer).

Sales Letter Landing Page – traditional direct response sales letters that are used to maximize the conversion rate for a paid, usually credit-card-required offer for a paid information product. These same letters are often used in email and postal direct marketing programs.

Upsell Landing Page – they offer the user an additional product or service as part of the process that acknowledges a prior transaction.

Access Challenge Landing Page – the landing page that a user encounters when trying to access premium (member-only) content from a site for which they are not a member, or for which they are not signed-in.

Priority Code Landing Page – specialized landing pages that require the user to enter in an access code in order to view or obtain a particular offer or product. The access code is typically provided by the publisher in promotional copy.

Marketplace Landing Page – your product showcase. This is an index of all of your sales letter landing pages and other dedicated landing pages.

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Dedicated landing pages tend to be heavy on conversion architecture since their primary goal is to convert visitors into customers. Their prominent text links, order buttons and order forms urge users to initiate transactions.

These pages are designed to get orders. Therefore, the e-commerce conversion architecture for dedicated landing pages is overt and aggressive.


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