Dedicated Landing Page Templates: Rapid Conversion Landing Page

Rapid Conversion landing pages drive website traffic 24/7/365

When you think of a landing page, what do you picture? A single page, long copy, highlighted text, lots of bolding and italicizing, strong headline?

That’s one design for a landing page, most likely a rapid conversion landing page or sales letter landing page.  Rapid conversion landing pages are used to entice a user to enter a low-risk (also known as a low-friction) transaction. Either with a free offer or delayed payment option (a bill-me-later offer).

Rapid conversion landing pages always request an email address and permission to send additional offers to begin an online relationship with the user. They are also sometimes referred to as email capture pages, name squeeze or email squeeze pages.

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The sole purpose of a dedicated landing page is to complete a transaction. Therefore, conversion architecture for dedicated landing pages is overt and aggressive. Their prominent text links, order buttons and order forms encourage users to initiate transactions.

Here is an example of a rapid conversion landing page for a free Johns Hopkins Guide to Arthritis Pain Relief special report from Rapid Conversion Landing Page


This is a rapid conversion landing page for fuelNet’s Free Report – The 5 Best Direct Mail Marketing Ideas of 2009 Rapid Conversion Landing Page Rapid Conversion Landing Page


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