Developing Your Audience with Subscription Website Archetypes

Three ways to generate free subscribers

The digital subscription is an interesting audience development tool. It can be used to build an email marketing file, and it can help develop free and paid subscribers. There are three subscription website archetypes that particularly target free subscribers,

In many circles, blogging is still misunderstood by many. However, as more knowledgeable people come forth to share information on the topics they are passionate about, the value of blogging becomes more apparent.

Blogging is one of the three affinity models, or free models, that digital publishers use to build their subscriber file. Blogging is an anchor to developing a subscription websites, as casual visitors can turn into free subscribers with the simple process of trading a valid email address for content.

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Blogs can range from personal platforms to collaborative endeavors. In today’s online publishing environment, social engagement and search engine optimization are two primary goals that many blogs share.

The portal is another popular way to build and feed audiences. And with content aggregation growing, the portal is a great way to present a lot of information on a specific topic. In addition to helping drive traffic, portals are great for SEO, link building, and adding to your email marketing file.

Social media is the last affinity subscription that digital publishers are turning to. As multiplatform publishing is becoming dominant online, some publishers have realized that having audience members subscribe to social media is better than not having them subscribe at all. Although major significance has been given to Facebook, Twitter is a great micropublishing site for publishers; LinkedIn is an outlet for B2B lead generation; And Pinterest is perfect for brands with a lot of visual imagery.

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