Do you worry about memory loss? A membership website is devoted to keeping your mind fit.

I admit it. I’m beginning to have “senior” moments when I momentarily forget well-known things. The experts say not to worry, it happens to everyone from time to time. I prefer to worry.

The site is a good example of providing an online service that isn’t just written information.

I’m more afraid of Alzheimer’s disease than I am of cancer or a heart attack. As I age, my body will become less reliable—I’m resigned to that. But I can’t bear the idea of slowing down mentally or worse, being dependent on someone else to think and make decisions for me.

But now I’ve discovered a subscription website that intends to keep the cobwebs off the ole’ cerebellum—

Memory Concepts claims to be the leading provider of web-based resources, offering tools and education to reduce the risk of memory loss, as well as increase brain capacity.

Memory Concepts says the cognitive exercises on its site were designed to stimulate areas of the brain that control key cognitive abilities, such as memory. The exercises range from easy to challenging and are intended to be enjoyable.


Of course, they’re enjoyable. They’re non-violent computer games! Beware: They’re also habit forming!

Memory Concepts also has a portal filled with vital information to keep you up-to-date on news relating to memory, with articles compiled from major publications, both print and online.

There are also in-depth explanations of such topics as dementia, traumatic brain injury, and the relationship between sleep and cognition. Not exactly light reading, but it’s all fascinating.


The Memory Concepts company

The company, established in 2003, is committed to educating people about mental fitness and the importance of integrating it into their everyday lives.

The founder, Janet B. Walsh, is a leading advocate for individuals and families facing Alzheimer’s disease, and is a leader in the growing field of memory enhancement. Walsh also founded the Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation (LIAF) and is the recipient of a Congressional Achievement Award for her work with Alzheimer’s disease.

Another mental health professional, Memory Concepts Chief Science Officer Dr. Shane Bush, provides online help to members with the questions concerning memory loss and memory enhancement strategies.

This site is really worth a visit, especially because you can try before you buy. A 10-day trial subscription to is free. After that, three months is $29.99; 12 months is $99.99.

Additional information is at


Mequoda Comment is an innovative use of the subscription website business model aimed at baby boomers and seniors. This group has money and is concerned about their mental health.

The site is a good example of providing an online service that is not solely written information—sort of an “application on tap” for you, not your computer.

It’s a sure bet we’ll see more of this type of membership website in the future.


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