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One of our favorite topics to discuss is landing page design best practices. Everyone has their own opinions of long copy vs. short copy, or whether the color of certain buttons are clicked more than others. They argue that a catchy title works better for viral marketing, rather than a search engine optimized title that has outlasting longevity.

What do you think? If you’ve performed any tests on your landing pages, you’ll likely learn like most other publishers we’ve talked to, that long copy outperforms short copy almost every time.

As for buttons on your landing page, hopefully you know that testing is key in this scenario. We’ve seen publishers that say navy on okre works best, while others say the results of their tests conclude that white on red gives them the most click-throughs.

And as for titling your blog posts and products, you know that we always aim for the long-tail when it comes to titling. If you’re looking for a spike in traffic, a short catchy title might work for you, but if you’re looking for a steady stream of traffic that requires less work from you, and more from the organic search of Google, then you know optimizing your content and product titles is a must.

But don’t let me give everything away, because today we’ve put together a kit just for you landing page junkies who want to learn from our research of the most essential landing page design best practices. This kit includes four free white papers that you can download today.

Part One – Million Dollar Landing Page Templates

In this report, we’ll show you best practices for landing page templates, case studies of landing page templates that have generated upwards of one million dollars and supply you with two customizable landing page templates that you can use to increase your conversions.

Part Two: Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization Guidelines

In this report, we’ll take a deep dive into the landing page design best practices of our favorite type of landing page – the Rapid Conversion Landing Page – also known as a name-squeeze or data collection page. This page is dramatically optimized for search engines so that you can continually build your email list through organic search.

Part Three: SEO Copywriting Secrets

Once we’ve completely explained the Rapid Conversion Landing Page and shown you how to design and create one, we dive a little deeper into the mechanics of writing a landing page that gets discovered in search engines and consistently drives the most amount of traffic to your website. If you’re not getting at least 60% of your traffic from search engines, you have some work to do.

Part Four: Online Press Release Guidelines

After your landing page has launched, you still have some work to do on promoting it. In this report, we’ll show you how to craft an effective press release that is also search engine optimized and will drive traffic directly into your landing page. You’ll also discover our favorite free and paid press release sites.

So go ahead and get started building with our collection of landing page design best practices and optimization kit! It’s free, so what do you have to lose?


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