Easily Assign Multiple Authors to a Post with Co-Authors Plus

You’ve just wrapped up another successful week; Articles were posted and traffic keeps going up. A reminder alert from your calendar app flashes on your computer screen letting you know that Jim is going to be on vacation starting on Wednesday of next week. Jim’s one of your senior editors and is about 50% done on 6 posts he’s working on. Looking at your editorial calendar you notice that a few of them are posting soon. This is where Co-Authors Plus springs into action. You can quickly assign your new editor David to all of Jim’s articles he’s working on, ensuring they’ll be finished.

Co-Authors Plus is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to assign multiple authors to an article. It’s a complete rewrite of an old plugin called Co-Authors. The new developer added in a new search-as-you-type feature for assigning editors as well as other UI enhancements. These new features make quick work of long lists of editors, saving you time and getting the job done.

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Co-Authors Plus WordPress Plugins

This plugin is also great for assigning editors to long multi-part articles or even teaming up your junior copywriters to write the latest sales copy for your landing page. This is a go-to plugin for editor management.

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