Efficient Related Posts Plug-in for Aligned Content

Alignment is a relevant aspect of operating a professional blog. If you are attracting traffic to your website through specific keywords, don’t you want those visitors to stay longer and read more of your content?

For WordPress websites using the Efficient Related Posts Plug-in, they can easily present similar content to their audience members, allowing for easy navigation to related content.

This plug-in works by determining related posts based on the number of overlapping tags. Fortunately for WordPress website operators, this plug-in is incredibly efficient by working quickly, even with thousands of posts and tags.

Like many WordPress plug-ins, the Efficient Related Posts Plug-in can be downloaded for free (with an option of donating to the community). For a list of best practice WordPress plug-ins, including premium Mequoda plug-ins only available for Mequoda Gold Member clients, contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401 for consulting options.

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