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The most effective blow-in cards of the 21st century aren’t made of cardstock, they’re digital. And since offering a sample of your magazine is less effort for the user when it’s done online, you have more opportunities.

In this week’s Freebie Friday spotlight, Don Nicholas, Chairman & CEO of Mequoda, explains why using monthly pricing to

Using the concepts of overwhelming value and contrast pricing, multiplatform offers encourage subscribers to choose the highest priced option you offer, which is also the best value for the consumer.

To make the offer work, you must have two or more subsidiary offers that each have a clear value proposition. In the case of the Biblical Archaeology Society, they have three subsidiary offers which allow the consumer to choose a tablet subscription, print subscription or library membership. The library membership is always priced slightly higher than the print and tablet editions and offers overwhelming value in its own right as it includes access to 40+ years of content including more than 30 special collections curated by the library managers.

But wait, there’s more. As compelling as the library membership may be, the All-Access membership is always—no matter which prices they are testing—less than $5 more than the library membership. Subscribing to the All-Access membership represents a generous savings when compared to the three subscription offers it subsumes.

This type of offer consistently results in 50 to 70% of new orders coming in at the highest price with each of the subsidiary offers drawing 5 to 15% led by the digital library subscription.

This combination of offer strategies dramatically increases revenue per subscriber. And because it also offers overwhelming value when compared to an old-fashioned print subscription, it generates much higher conversion rates and a dramatic boost in online order volume.

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