Exploring Pros and Cons of Website Changes

Does seeing other publishers redesign their website or make changes to the content they provide make you wonder about your own possible changes?

Streamlining Digital Asset Workflows is a session from our Digital Publishing Bootcamp that helps you make changes within your organization, designed to increase efficiency through the use of automation.

The goal of this session is to focus digital publishers who have experienced disruption from the digital publishing evolution. As traditional workflows have changed, the information we provide helps explore the pros and cons for different approaches.

During this session, you will discover answers to these pressing questions:

-Should I train current staff members in digital strategies or hire new staff members?

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-What the costs of transitioning to a new content management system?

-How much time do I have to decide on these issues before it’s too late?

-What are best practices for automating production on multiple platforms?

-How can I incorporate social media platforms into our digital content workflow?

Above all else, you learn about the return on investment associated with making changes to your digital assets and prioritize for future updates.

Register now for July edition of the Digital Publishing Bootcamp and receive hundreds of dollars worth in savings.


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