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Financial Freedom Magazine Launch Anchors New Membership Club for Everyday Investors

After several months of planning and development, Financial Freedom Magazine and its parent membership organization Financial Freedom Federation are open for business, launched in May 2020—in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, economic uncertainty, and widespread national social unrest—at

Salem-Mass.-based Financial Freedom Federation (FFF) was founded to help anybody who wants the peace-of-mind to live comfortably now and in retirement by achieving financial freedom—recognizing that “financial freedom” means different things to different people, such as paying off a mortgage and the monthly bills; covering education costs for children and grandchildren; planning now for a comfortable retirement; or having the freedom to buy what you want, travel where you want to go, and do what you want to do. Members are committed to securing their own financial freedom, prepared to make decisions of any kind and fully equipped with available financial resources to support their choices.

Entirely a member-supported organization—Financial Freedom Federation doesn’t accept money from advertisers, brokers, investment advisors, or the government—membership includes two levels, Bronze Membership with free access to some basic resources and Gold Membership with online all-access to premium content that includes the monthly Financial Freedom Magazine and library, Premium Reports, and Investor Briefings.

And behind Financial Freedom Federation is Cabot Heritage Corporation, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected independently owned financial advisory services, serving millions of individual investors and investing professionals in 141 countries.


Cabot Heritage Corporation President and veteran publisher Ed Coburn observed the need for a new resource. “I’ve watched with some sadness and dismay over the past few years as many of the personal-finance magazines I love have closed,” says Coburn. “I think the need for practical, everyday financial advice that’s easy to understand and follow is more important than ever in today’s world. And I don’t think websites that focus on search bait and sensational headlines are ever going to meet that need.”

In 2019, Coburn explored purchasing the venerable Money magazine from Meredith Corporation, with the aim of building upon an established brand. Without success in securing the acquisition, Coburn forged ahead with an “if-it-can’t-be-bought-then-build-it” approach.

Coburn then reached out to Mequoda Systems CEO Don Nicholas to brainstorm the launch of a new personal-finance magazine that leverages Cabot’s editorial assets—including a vast library of content and a team of financial analysts and lifestyle editors—to create a new membership organization for everyday investors. Coburn now serves as Executive Director of the newly launched Financial Freedom Federation.

Coburn adds, “In the final phases of the FFF launch, our team switched to a virtual work environment in the midst of physical-distancing requirements, caused by the coronavirus outbreak. I won’t say that this was without some initial challenges, but we accomplished all of our FFF launch goals. Our team is very proud of the content package we’re delivering to new FFF members—which includes six issues of Financial Freedom magazine that have been published and archived at the members-only website during development.”

In addition to the monthly magazine, FFF Gold Members have full access to 35 Premium Reports that are topical with how-to and action-oriented advice about specific investing opportunities; and full access to six specially curated Investor Briefings that are comprehensive and in-depth about hot and specialized investing topics.

FFF launched with a state-of-the-art publishing and marketing system, Mequoda’s Haven WordPress Customer Experience Management System (CXMS), that includes the capability to tag article content so it appears in a magazine issue and in a curated Investor Briefing that serves as a guide to all of the content in a specific area of interest—such functionality is efficient and powerful, and with a metered paywall, all of this content is available for indexing by Google so that online searchers will find the content.

Mequoda’s team of content marketing specialists contributed more than 34 content previews and seven premium sales letters to get the new FFF system up and running. “Our team is experienced and comfortable working in the personal-finance space and with membership offers. The premium content that Ed’s team has generated is first-class—and content marketing and selling are always easier with such valuable content and great products,” says Mequoda Senior V.P. Bill Dugan who leads all content marketing efforts for this new venture.

FFF’s Haven System uses Mequoda’s best-practice free-to-premium user experience that starts with a free membership, granting users limited access to premium content and unlimited access to free content in previews. Free Bronze Members receive six weekly content previews and marketing spotlights by email, to familiarize them with all the resources available from the Financial Freedom Federation and creating a drip campaign that allows them to make the move from free to premium with an FFF Gold Membership when they’re ready.

To experience for yourself this state-of-the-art in free-to-premium marketing and to get some great everyday financial advice, click here to sign up for a free Bronze Membership and gain immediate access to FFF’s most popular free report, 5 Steps to Your Financial Freedom.

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