Five Tips for Improving Website Readability and Content Density

The ultimate goals of website design are to make the site inviting, the format clean and well balanced and the experience pleasant. Here are five graphic tips for improved website readability.

  1. A sans serif font is easier to read online, while a serif font is easier to read in hard-copy print.
  2. Articles that contain headlines, subheads and visual enhancements (such as lists) afford greater readability.
  3. A comfortable line length enhances readability. Aim for no more than two-thirds of the width of the page, or 10 to 15 words per line.
  4. The judicious use of white space, even on the most content-rich pages, can keep text areas clean and contained. Beware of too many short paragraphs with numerous subheads, which can make a page too dense.
  5. White or light backgrounds do not impair contrast. Black text on a white background is the easiest to read. White text on a colored background or colored text on a colored background reduces contrast and, therefore, is difficult to read.

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