How to Use Testimonials to Enhance Landing Page Templates

Landing page templates with legitimate comments from users will help persuade others into downloading a freemium or purchasing a product

Are you giving yourself credit by offering testimonials?

If someone writes you, or leaves a comment on your blog talking about how great your content or products are, you are receiving a testimonial.

In a digital world consumed by social media, it’s easier to receive praise from audience members and share those kind words with the rest of your audience. Doing research on can help you easily see if people are talking about your work.

Although getting positive reviews through social media is great, adding relevant testimonials to your landing page templates can help lead to more conversions for both free and paid products.

When creating or editing your next landing page template, take these following tips for using testimonials into consideration.

A checklist for using testimonials on landing page templates

#1. Credibility. When adding a testimonial to your landing page template, make sure the testimonial is coming from an identifiable person and you’re using the exact words he or she stated. If you incorporate too little content, your audience members may become suspicious of the testimonial’s credibility. Make sure you use the individual’s full name, city, state and occupation.


#2. Display compelling results and benefits. If you are looking to get more sales and conversions through testimonials, you want them to incorporate real benefits associated with the product.

When you ask for testimonials, be as specific as possible. Try using the following questions next time you’re seeking testimonials from audience members.

-What problem did product solve for you?

-How has this product made your life better?

-Who would you recommend this product to?

#3. Add testimonials into your sales letter landing pages. You have options for adding testimonials into sales letter landing page templates. You can incorporate them directly into the body copy, the right nav or on a separate page that is linked to your content. Either way, adding testimonials on sales letter landing page templates will aid in persuading potential customers to buy.

#4. Testimonials add validation. A credible testimonial adds validation to someone’s desire to buy and aligns directly with your target audience. You will add a sense of comfort to potential buyers with the use of solid testimonials.

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