Landing Page Guideline #4: Building Relationships with Email Capture

Capturing Your Visitor’s Email Address on Your Landing Page Allows Opportunity for Follow Up, Significantly Increases your Conversion Rate and Gives You a Chance to Grow Your List

Once you’ve captured your prospect’s interest, it’s important to keep your name, product, and/or service in front of them. Offering a free newsletter or a free report is a handy, non-invasive way to accomplish that. These items have a high-perceived value and are surprisingly cheap to produce and distribute.

Additionally, it is crucial to use effective pop-unders as a mechanism for capturing a prospect’s email address if they’ve decided to abandon your site before buying. Why? Because if you get the visitor’s email address before she leaves without ordering, you can serve her a series of follow-up emails via autoresponder, attempting to convert her to a trial subscription.

And, you’ve added another valuable name to your house e-list. Without her email address, you have lost the opportunity for follow up, significantly reducing your conversion rate.

Noteworthy Examples of Relationship Building

At the Instant Real Estate Newsletter landing page, the marketer asks for your email address immediately and refuses to give you additional information until you “give it up”—the address, that is.

Instant Real Estate Newsletter landing page

The Investment U Course landing page offers a free email newsletter in exchange for the visitor’s email address/permission. The link appears alongside the sales letter copy in the right navigation panel, as well as in a call-out box within the letter itself. If the sales letter doesn’t entice the reader to enroll right away, she is certainly likely to sign up for the free email newsletter.

The Investment U Course landing page.

If you enter the online promotion through the short copy front-end Tax Loopholes of the Rich Landing Page landing page, you must enter your email address to read further and go to the full sales letter on the long-copy landing page and order the product. When you attempt to leave without doing so, you are served a pop-under that says, “WAIT!” and offers you a free CD.

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