Landing Page Keyword Research

Choosing relevant keywords for your rapid conversion landing page will put you on page one and build your email list

In September 2007, we initiated a massive update to the original keyword research we had conducted when we launched Mequoda Daily in August 2005. Our plan was to take each of our existing primary keyword phrases (also known as the 10 topic pages you’ll find at Mequoda Daily) and run them through some keyword analysis to discover more niche, secondary terms that we “could own” – aka be in the number one position on page one in Google.

Our goal was actually two-fold: we wanted to own some secondary keyword phrases in Google, but we also wanted to increase the Mequoda Daily email subscriber file.

So the first of the primary keywords we decided to investigate was “Landing Page Optimization”, since we already had lots of content about this topic and knew we could easily create a free special report that would act as the acquisition tool we needed.

Launching the 12 Master Landing Page Templates Campaign

Using a combination of Wordtracker and the Google Keyword Tool, we typed in our root keyword, landing page, and dozens of related keyword showed up.

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The term “landing page templates” stood out to us, because it had decent search volume (approximately 21 searches a day currently), but very little competition (approximately 6,500 pages currently competing in Google). It was like a beacon of light amidst the highly competitive keywords. So we decided to title our free report 12 Master Landing Page Templates.

We optimized our rapid conversion landing page for the terms “landing page template” and “landing page templates” and it would soon show up as #1 in Google. The keyword “landing page template” appears 21 times on our rapid conversion landing page, while the word “landing page templates” shows up 10 times. Our meta keywords, description and title tags for the rapid conversion landing page are also optimized for the same terms.

The results of our SEO and email acquisition campaign

The rapid conversion landing page for this report now shows up as #1 on both Google and MSN. So now, anyone searching for the terms “landing page template” or “landing page templates” sees our page as the most reliable resource on the Web for the landing page template information they are looking for. Since launching this campaign in September, we’ve had a 23% increase in email newsletter signups based on that report alone. If the report had not shown up as the first listing a user was searching for, our chances of being found and subscribed to would be slim to none.

To learn this process that has gotten us on page #1 in Google on multiple keywords, you must attend the next Mequoda Summit.

Moral of the story: discover your own keyword universe and start building campaigns around the niche keywords most relevant to your information.


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