Last Chance to Learn Analytics from a Knowledgeable Director of Marketing

Discover what all of those numbers really mean

Register now for our 90-minute Actionable Analytics webinar, which takes place on Tuesday, December 16

The ability to track and analyze statistical data has transformed the way Internet marketing is done.

There is no longer the need to guess at the success of campaigns; online analytics programs help prove the success with an array of numerical statistics and visual graphs.

After observing the analytics behind a website, knowledgeable content marketers, editors or online publishers can make educated guesses on how to better the website.

These methods for generating more revenue for content-based websites can involve an array of strategies.

Our Actionable Analytics webinar discusses many of these topics by including background information and useful exercises.

The subject matter of the 90-minute program includes information on:

-Conversion tracking for your goals

-Ways to improve landing pages from keyword analysis

-How to target your most relevant keywords while avoiding losing keyword groups

-What to look for in bounce rates and how to positively impact your bounce rates

-The difference between hits, visits and unique visitors, and how to find this data

-The websites referring traffic to your website and how to deal with that relationship

-Over-looked analytical content of value

-How to monitor your website’s internal search

-If your refresh rate is beneficial to your publication

-How to monetize keywords that get a lot of traffic

-How to compare organic and paid traffic

-How visitors come to your website and how it impacts your overall website strategy

This informative webinar will leave you with the knowledge content marketers have used to successfully target the truths behind their content which in turn, has helped them make money.

Register now for Actionable Analytics so you begin using the numbers in your favor, and generate more traffic, conversions and revenue in response.


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