Membership Website Conversion Tips

Five must-have features for membership website conversion

After reviewing statistics for website visitors, are you wondering why traffic is up and conversion is down? How could so many visitors not become subscribers? What is your membership website missing?

Here are the top five must-have features to convert visitors into a subscribers.

Membership Website Design Tip #1: Professional website design. Make a good first impression, a visitor decides within 10 seconds whether they stay or move on. This includes a number of design aspects:

Color – loud or clashing colors are offensive, stick to the basics

Clutter – if there is too much going on or they can’t easily find what they are looking for, chances are they won’t hang around

Navigation – simple, straightforward labels with consistent layout allows visitors to find out quickly how to navigate your membership website

Membership Website Design Tip #2: Clear call to action. Ask visitors to subscribe in clear, plain language. If you don’t ask directly, they won’t take any action. There should be a button or ad that is labeled “Join Today” with a link to the subscription form. Make it easy to join.

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Membership Website Design Tip #3: Email capture. At the very least, you want to get their email address. The best way to accomplish this is by offering them something in exchange for their information, something free – a PDF, newsletter, downloadable video class, eBook, special report, or white paper.

Membership Website Design Tip #4: Rewards or benefits. There must be a compelling reason to stay. They say, “Membership has its privileges”, prove it. Offer your visitors a series of rewards that leads them further into your site. They should feel compelled to join your membership website.

Membership Website Design Tip #5: Play it cool. If you have the content a visitor is looking for, they will stay. Don’t be too eager, too pushy or too needy.  Let the quality of your content be your strongest selling point.


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