Membership Website Mistake #2: Having Too Much Content

Having too much content typically means you’re utilizing too many content models in one interface

The club model is the most prone to this problem. The blog, portal, forum, magazine, reference or periodical model do not have the problem of too much content as long as the site architecture allows the user to navigate and find content.

The software model could also have too much information within it. The most successful type of software model incorporates a single, highly desirable app opposed to a collection of apps. This main app should be freestanding. If you make the mistake of burying it, then you’re forced to sell the club subscription and a collection of tools. This makes the user much less focused and may lead to confusion.

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The danger in the club model comes with bundling tools with too much information. You do not want consumers to think they are paying for a bunch of things that they don’t want or need. In this instance, the price won’t matter; if the user is given a bunch of things they don’t want or need, they will assume the price they are paying is too much.

If you are presenting a valuable proposition with a great freestanding app, don’t make the mistake of obscuring the deal with too much unnecessary content and a higher price tag.


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