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With its immense size, it’s hard to fathom the true depth of the Internet. Creating this depth is a mass of websites, with many competing for the same audiences.

I’m sure you all fall into this category of competition. If you have a website today, you are competing against somebody whose topic is similar to yours.

So what can you do to stand above the competition? Offering great content is the first step in the battle. After securing that component, it’s then time to focus on your website.

Does your website homepage engage visitors, or does it frustrate them? Usability is a huge aspect to consider while designing a website.

Download our Website Homepage Design Basics Free Report now

Website Homepage Design Basics

This free report includes a re-cap of our best practices found on the Mequoda Website Scorecard. Those 14 guidelines will be discussed so you can take a closer look at your own website.

Additionally, the Website Homepage Design Basics free report includes these other pertinent pieces of information:

Website Homepage Design Tip #1 – How to test website load time
Website Homepage Design Tip #2 – A tool for optimizing images
Website Homepage Design Tip #3 – Design essentials for retaining visitors
Website Homepage Design Tip #4 – Things to avoid while designing your website homepage

If your homepage follows the information found in our Website Homepage Design Basics free report, you will be ready to stand against the competition.

If you already have great content and are looking to make your website more user-friendly and quicker-loading, then download our Website Homepage Design Basics free report now for website homepage ideas.


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