Organic Landing Page Templates

The ultimate goal of all landing pages is to move users to action; how do you decide which landing page templates to use?

After reviewing literally thousands of media websites, we have identified two classes of landing pages, organic and dedicated.

Organic landing pages are composed of a mix of editorial and conversion architecture. There are eight types of organic landing page templates, each with its own unique information architecture designed to pull traffic in and initiate a transaction:

  1. Home Landing Page
  2. Topic Landing Page
  3. Article Landing Page
  4. Author Index Landing Page
  5. Tag Landing Page
  6. Author Landing Page
  7. Keyword Index Landing Page
  8. Glossary Index Landing Page

These pages are designed to attract website traffic and convert visitors into customers or subscribers. With organic landing pages publishers can’t control where the user is going to enter or “land” on the website.

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Organic landing pages tend to be heavy on content and light on conversion architecture since their goal is to have search engine spiders to find them and to get other sites to link to them.

In general, organic landing pages are full of keyword-rich content that the publisher has designed to attract users and search engines. Essentially, an organic landing page is trying to get a user to find it via a search engine.

Organic landing pages are designed to attract any type of traffic, whether from a search engine’s algorithm or a human surfing the web. To move the conversion process along, website designers insert such page elements as OFIEs (order forms in editorial); OFINs (order forms in navigation); floater order forms; display ads; text ads; and simple hypertext links.

Optimally, organic landing pages both attract targeted website traffic and convert those visitors into subscribers, buyers or registered users. Organic landing pages are most often associated with search engine optimization (SEO, since they are optimized for specific keyword terms or phrases.


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