Organic Landing Pages: The Article Landing Page

Article landing pages are search engine superstars

Article landing pages are most often associated with search engine optimization (SEO), but are also used for attracting any type of organic traffic. This would include any text link given by a webmaster or editor who is referencing one of your webpages as a source of good information on a topic.

Article landing pages are organic landing pages and contain narrative content, with the objective of being picked up by search engines, capturing the users’ interest and leading them to browse more content.

They can be news stories, book reviews, live event coverage, how-to articles or editorial content of any kind. We call an article a Minimum Information Unit or a Post, usually kept under 500 words and posted on a regular schedule.  You may have noticed that we now post a new article every day, Monday through Friday, at Mequoda Daily.

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Each of the more than 1,000 Mequoda Daily article pages includes a search engine optimized piece of content, whether it be a tip or case study that is aligned with one or more Mequoda Daily topic pages. Along with the core content, the page also includes links to related content, a text ad for free white paper and user comments.

Article pages should be designed as permalink pages, which means they each should have a URL and a hypertext link that will remain valid after the article is archived on your website. Every article page should point to the rapid conversion landing page of a related free report.

The article landing page must both attract targeted website traffic and convert visitors into subscribers, buyers or registered users.

Here’s an example of an article landing page with an OFIE from entitled 5 Secrets for Obtaining Customer Loyalty: Article Landing Page Article Landing Page

This article landing page with an OFIN is from entitled Socially Responsible Investing: Article Landing Page Article Landing Page


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