Organic Landing Page Templates: The Keyword Index Landing Page

Keyword Index landing pages expose your keyword universe and get you found

Many pages on your site are organic landing pages.  If an internet surfer arrives at your site from a search engine, that person has naturally or organically “landed” on your site.  Landing page optimization is an important part of your online marketing campaign.

The purpose of a keyword index landing page is to provide an entry point for your website that indexes all the content available related to your keyword universe. Individual hyperlinks (200-2000) connect search engine spiders and human users to meta tag pages which list all content available related to a specific keyword phrase.

Keyword index landing pages are built primarily for search engines, but can be great for humans too.  Most new visitors will find your site as a result of a search engine query.

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For example, the primary editorial purpose of is to write about celebrities. You can find their keyword index page by clicking on “Celebs” in the site’s top navigation, which leads you to a single page listing each celebrity’s name as blue links. Once you click on a celebrity name, you are brought to their tag page, but that’s a whole other subject.

Best practice note: keyword index landing pages always exist on a single URL which provides links to every tag page on the website.

Here is the index page on Keyword Index Landing Page Keyword Index Landing Page

For other sites, a keyword index page might be found by clicking on the site’s glossary.

Here is an example from Glossary Landing Page Keyword Index Landing Page


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