Planning for Universal Subscription Access

To provide the content your audience expects, there has to be compatibility

How do you envision the perfect digital magazine experience?

To start, imagine how the perfect digital magazine readers would engage with their favorite content. Would they start with the latest issue on their tablet device? Perhaps carefully noting the detailed photography and video content from the comfort of their living room sofa.

Shorter articles and audio pieces could be played through their mobile devices while they walk to work or take the train home in the evening.

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The magazine’s digital archives could be accessed through the desktop at night when the reader began to recall a past story of interest.

How the scenario plays out for your audience may differ, but one thing is for sure: universal subscription access makes this all possible. It allows the audience to consume the content they want on the device they choose, whenever they choose to do it.

Are you aware of the capabilities required by your website to enable a subscription product to be universal? Our consultants, systems directors and web developers are here to devise a plan that works for your content while utilizing our best practices. For more consulting information, contact Kim Mateus directly via email or by phone at 401-293-0401.


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