Plugins For Editorial Efficiency

Three WordPress plugins that will help your online editors perform their jobs better

The keyword universe and tools for finding keyword phrases were new tools for online editors. They weren’t familiar with these in traditional editorial positions, but are beginning to discover how useful they can be.

Below I’ve listed three plugins that can be helpful tools for online editors when it comes to having their content edited and positioned.


FD Word Statistics Plugin: This plugin provides three readability scores. These readability scores track the average number of words per sentence, the average number of syllables per word, and the percentage of hard words in each passage. If your publication follows a specific style guide for writing, this plugin may be helpful. For more on this plugin, take a look at this article.

Editorial Calendar: If you’ve ever wanted an overview of your blog, including when content will publish, this plugin does that and more. Easily drag and drop posts to different days, or make edits right in the calendar. Learn more from this post.

After the Deadline: In fast paced editorial environments, it can be difficult to get your content edited. This plugin performs a few editorial duties for you, including spell-check, style-check and grammar-check.

This article has some additional tools for editorial productivity. Check it out – and if you have any more tools to share, please add them in the comments below.


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