Promote Your Best Articles with the Help of this Plug-in

Regardless of how people arrive at your website, your overall goal should be to keep them there with great content, get them registered as an email receiving subscriber and turn them into a paying customer.

As stated, keeping them at you site is the first step in this equation, and it can be difficult for many publishers. However, this premium WordPress plug-in can help you retain your visitors easier.

The Mequoda Most Comments WordPress plug-in displays the posts with the most comments from users. The more engagement an article receives, the greater likelihood of it being high-quality content.

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This plug-in can be used either as a widget set up in the sidebar or integrated as a template tag in your theme files.

Using this plug-in helps online publishers bring more attention to their content that has already engaged the most people.

If you have interest in this premium Mequoda plug-in and dozens of other WordPress plug-ins for more effective publishing websites, contact Kim Mateus via email or phone at 401-293-0401 for information on consulting options.


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