Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization

How to select the topic and keywords to create an effective Rapid Conversion Landing Page

The first step to creating an effective Rapid Conversion Landing Page is choosing the topic. This precedes copywriting and requires a different skill set. Selecting the topic begins with keyword analysis.

Begin by talking with your publisher, audience development manager, keyword analyst or consultant — anyone who is familiar with your publication’s keyword universe.

In preparation for writing the RCLP, open your Google Visibility Report and determine your target keyword phrases. The Google Visibility Report (GVR) tracks the volume and competition of each keyword phrase, and monitors the website’s rank on each. Alternatively, you could meet with colleagues who can suggest keyword phrases to be researched as part of preparing the Google Visibility Report.


Next, use the Keyword Competitive Index to determine phrases where demand exceeds supply. Determine the phrases with the minimum number of searches that you will target. Generally, you won’t want to target phrases with less than 500 searches per month.

Look for keyword phrases with a KCI of above 1.0. Aim for easy targets — search terms where the demand is high and supply is low.

The Keyword Competitive Index (KCI) reveals the relationship of demand to competition. The KCI is your estimated annual search impressions (monthly average searches taken from the Google Keyword Tool times 12 months) divided by the number of exact match search engine results (the competition) at a point in time.

The Google Keyword Competitive Index tells you what your audience is interested in, that other websites are not providing. The KCI reveals where demand for information exceeds supply and creates opportunity.

These phrases should be the topics about which you create a report, using the keyword phrase as part of the title. The best search terms are keyword phrases that relate to either existing editorial content, or to new content that can be researched and created easily.

Rapid Conversion Landing Pages effectively build circulation for free email newsletters. They are effective for both B2B and B2C, for large and small publications.


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