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A rapid conversion landing page housing a free downloadable is an intriguing offer for content seekers

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed nine components for SEO blogging that helps create informative articles that will have a better chance of getting indexed by search engines.

One of the components listed in yesterday’s article discussed the inclusion of a free report link. This link will always lead visitors to a rapid conversion landing page (RCLP) which incorporate long-form copy explaining all of the benefits surrounding the free download.

Many components of an RCLP are the same as an SEO article, with a few additions. First off, since an RCLP is much longer than an average article, it should include more keyword phrases. In all likeliness, a well-written RCLP may have up to 20 keyword phrases. These terms will help generate more traffic through long-tail means.

An RCLP also includes order forms in editorial, known as OFIEs. The main point of an OFIE is to get visitors to exchange their email address for the free downloadable. OFIEs are typically included in the copy with a call to action, along with paragraphs full of information about the downloadable.

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Utilizing the RCLP

There are a few ways to benefit from RCLPs associated with free downloadable products. First, as mentioned earlier, the link should be placed in every related post. For instance, one of our primary keyword clusters is Landing Pages Templates. All posts that discuss landing page templates are placed in the Landing Page Templates category and include the link pointing to the Million Dollar Landing Page Templates free download.

Second, RCLPs are perfect destinations for press release content. Each time a new free report is published, a press release, or a set of press releases, is created and distributed through free and/or paid sites. The RCLP’s URL is included into these press releases so interested parties can download the content.

Lastly, using Twitter and Facebook to promote for free reports and sending visitors to the RCLP is certain to get some new registered members.

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