Resources for Planning and Updating Website Homepage Design

Website homepage ideas that will help you create a functional website

Whether you are creating a website from scratch, or you have launched a website and want to improve upon its design, there are often little nuances that may be overlooked. Some of these incorporate minor changes that create better engagement opportunities. Others are more significant, and should be accounted for while launching an online business.

Designing your website

While developing a website, Don Nicholas, CEO of Mequoda Group, recommends beginning with the end in mind. This process allows the developer to set clear business goals, create a detailed content plan, and codify functional design specifications.  Discover Don’s approach to avoiding website design disasters and see for yourself why designing with the end in mind is key to a successful website.

Keeping users engaged

An important component to any website is its nameplate. This piece of repeating website architecture helps visitors understand where they are and what they can do at your website. We share information in this article on how to design the top of your website for strategic purposes.

Updating your website

As new popular activities emerge online, publishers are tasked with updating their website design. A few months ago Amanda MacArthur wrote an article on website redesigns that focused on notable publishers. The five common improvements primarily involved video, content rotation, featured graphics, social media integration, and image-centric designs. Check out Amanda’s commentary on changes to notable publisher redesigns, and decide for yourself if these changes improved these websites. You may get a few ideas of future changes of your own.

For additional website homepage ideas, download a free digital copy of our Website Homepage Ideas: 14 Website Homepage Design Tips for a User-Friendly Website.


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