Setting up a Landing Page’s Meta Data

Landing page optimization doesn’t begin and end with copy and a good call to action – it needs to be found first

Setting up a landing page means starting with the basics. What is the title of the product? How am I going to sell it? What keywords am I using to make sure people can find it in search engines?

Having a great landing page doesn’t just mean writing good copy and search engine optimizing your content. It also means having a clean and elaborate back-end that lives up to the copy on the page.

Here’s a simple template you can follow when filling out the meta data for any landing page:

Template for Landing Page Optimization:

  • Keyword: This can be a single word or a keyword phrase.

  • <H3>Optional pre-headline: Attention grabber. This works best when the headline reads into it, as if it follows a colon.

  • ·<H1>Main headline: The name of product must appear here, because some users will eventually search for the product by title.

  • <H2>Sub headline: This should explain the free offer or state the call to action.

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  • Meta title: This should focus on the product name. Often the meta title is identical to the main headline.

  • Meta description: This must focus on the product offer and name. Usually the meta description is also the subtitle of the report.

  • Meta keywords and metatags: Start with keyword phrases from title, then add other keyword phrases that are present in the body copy.

  • URL: Write out the full product sans the original punctuation, with hyphens used as separators between the words.

These are the most important elements to keep in mind when setting up a landing page. If you’re looking for more landing page optimization tips, download Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization Guidelines.


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