Website News: Is a Hybrid Website Your Next Move?

A hybrid website can be many things to a large online audience

Publishers have good reason to create a hybrid website. On one had, the hybrid allows them to operate a subscription website that meets the expectations of their audience members. On the other hand, a hybrid website is a place where content can be optimized and products have be sold through e-commerce methods.

Any good hybrid website should have content and e-commerce, optimized landing pages, and subscription access, while being set up for data collection through analytics programs.

Content changes in the time of digital

The digital age requires people to look at what’s happening and come to decisions based on empirical evidence. In many instances, successful print magazines can continue to be successful with a digital revitalization. Ultimately, the most important aspects of a successful magazine, i.e.: its content stays the same – with the chance to enhance it significantly through digital means of video (like SI’s new live-streaming talk show), audio, social sharing, and frequent updates.

And of course if you’re looking for new revenue stream ideas you can always do what the Guardian did and open a coffee shop… I’m joking, but they did really do that.


Truth in numbers

Analytics is one of the corner stones to online business success. There’s a wealth of knowledge available to us and we need to understand how to utilize it the best.

What analytics data do you pay attention to?

Some COOs are looking at up to 100 different audience interactions to find key segments. It’s this data that can lead publishers to find key influencers and help make the transition from print to digital more tolerable.

Why avoid the multiplatform path?

iPad-only publications don’t always work, just ask the Huffington Post. Although the iPad is the dominant device in the tablet market, there is value in making content available throughout a multitude of platforms. This way all audience members can consume the content they seek on whichever platform and device they prefer.

It’s understandable to begin the foray into digital publishing with only the iPad, but branching out after initially testing the waters provides options. Be open to taking lessons from publishers who are industry leaders. EatingWell, a Meredith publication, has embraced the subscription website business model and SEO campaign management. These actions have led to high rankings for popular search terms, helping the publication to drive 2.4 million unique visitors per month.

Don’t forget about your website, even with the rise in apps

Mobile Internet users want to access your subscription website. Don’t be fooled into thinking that apps are the only wave of the future. In fact, many brands are considering website redesigns to adequately meet the demands of their audiences.

Just keep in mind that your subscription website is not a magazine. It’s a unique business model with immense potential now and in the future. A subscription website is also one of the hardest concepts for publishers to understand.

If you are in the process of creating a subscription websites, don’t forget to test accordingly. Landing page optimization tests are required for a subscription website – unless you don’t want people to subscribe.


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