Subscriptions of Value to Digital Natives

In a time when publishers have a lot of opportunity to build their subscriber file, it’s worth knowing what their audience deems valuable.

If Digital Natives are in your target audience, our Digital Native Survey shares a lot of information on the media consumption habits of Digital Natives.

For instance, our survey found that 50% of respondents prefer to subscribe to a brand’s content via Facebook.

When asked what they would unsubscribe from first if they were receiving too many messages from a company, 64% of respondents said they would unsubscribe from an email newsletter first. One particular respondent cited a cluttered inbox being more tedious to deal with than a cluttered newsfeed.


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When asked about social media subscription habits, 96% of respondents reported having a Facebook account while 60% said they have active Twitter accounts.

For all the email marketers out there: 92% of respondents said they subscribe to email newsletters of the brands they like.

Building subscription websites, large subscription files and social media networks are crucial to the success of online publishers in the digital age.

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