The Article Landing Page Template

One of the twelve landing page templates found in our 12 Master Landing Page Templates free report

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Our publishing frequency recently increased. We are now releasing more content on a daily basis so our audience, new and old, can stay current with information vital to successful online publishing and marketing.

A more frequent publishing schedule also helps in the world of organic search engine marketing. Each article we produce contains keywords so search engines will pick up the content.

To publish articles, we use an article landing page template. The article landing page is required to do two things. First, it must attract targeted website traffic. It does this by including the keywords as mentioned above. Secondly, it must be able to convert visitors into email subscribers, registered users or preferably, buyers.

In addition to search engine optimization, article landing pages are a great source of potential referrals. If you create a news story, a how-to article, editorial content or an interesting link review, other content publishers may read your article and decide to link to the content. This will happen if you are showing others that your websites are great sources of informative content.

Our Million Dollar Landing Page Templates free report discusses how to create article landing pages. Below is an example of one of the many article landing pages found at the Mequoda Daily.

The article is filled with keywords, promotes for a specific free report which is aligned with the keywords, and incorporates an order form in editorial (OFIE) which is used to collect the email address of new visitors. These visitors can fill in the OFIE with an email address which will make them a registered member of the Mequoda Daily. They will then be able to download the free report, and all of the other free products offered.

To learn about landing page templates, download our Million Dollar Landing Page Templates free report now. If you already have it, please feel free to send this information to a friend or colleague that is interested in the different types of landing page templates used by online publishers.


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