The Rapid Conversion Landing Page, Step-By-Step

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed three components of a successful Rapid Conversion Landing Page (RCLP).

They included the keyword density to strive for, the amount of words to use in your RCLP and the number of email asks that should be included in every rapid conversion landing page.

This information was brought to you through a culmination of research, studies and statistics from the Mequoda Research Team and Interweave – the popular art and craft publisher.

The Rapid Conversion Landing Page

As the title of this article mentions, the information for proper SEO campaign management will be outlined step-by-step.

The Rapid Conversion Landing Page is step eight in the process.

The program will feature a visual display of what part of a successful RCLP looks like. This includes:

-The brand’s image

-The title of the freemium housed at the RCLP

-The image and the written copy associated with it

-The proper design for an email ask

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That information will set you up with a strong foundation for creating a Rapid Conversion Landing Page. In fact, you could probably begin designing and writing your own RCLP as soon as you experienced that webinar slide alone.

Many writers start their creative process with an outline to follow. Writing highly effective Rapid Conversion Landing Pages is no different. In fact, an outline for an RCLP is probably the most time efficient procedure that can be acted upon.

This is so because an outline for an RCLP will show you exactly where your keywords reside within the content. This way you can calculate your keyword density properly and monitor your keyword usage.

Color-coding your keywords will also help in this process. For instance, try labeling your primary keywords with the color green and your secondary keywords with the color red. This will help you see exactly where all of your relevant keywords fall within your RCLP.

2 more tips for a successful RCLP

In addition to the tips from yesterday, here are two more tips to pay attention to while designing your RCLP.

First, make sure that your first email ask is right underneath your product’s title. This way, users can immediately download while entering the site if they so choose. It will also help your conversion rate to have the first email ask above the fold.

Second, don’t include any language on an RCLP that may send users elsewhere. If you want the most conversions possible, you’ll need to keep visitors on the page.

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